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Do I have to pay the $25.00 Stallion At Stud ad if I am selling my Stallion?

No, you may place a text ad for free, photo ad for $5.95 (special thru october) or if you feel it will take a while to sell your stallion you may want to choose the $25.00 ad for a year. The stallion ads also come with two pictures.

I am a new user. How do I place an ad?

Create an account in our Place an Ad section. You will then have an account on our system and will be able to add and edit your horse ads. Please register only once, no matter how many horses you need to list. Email addresses may not be duplicated in our system. Please be sure to make a note of your password.

How do I contact the seller of a particular horse?

To contact the owner, use the Contact Seller button on the right side of the ad, it will open a new window with a form to contact the seller. Complete the form and it will automatically go to the seller of that horse.

How do I sell my services on

If you wish to advertise your horse related services or products with us, please contact us through our Contact Page. Pricing for Service Directory Advertising is $19.95 for one year.

How can I find out how many people have seen my ad?

Only Photo Ads have display counters near the bottom of the page. Free text ads do not have display counters. If you want a counter, please upgrade to a photo ad.

Before I buy a Horse, do you recommend a Vet Check?

We always recommend a pre-purchase vet exam by a qualified equestrian veterinarian.

How much does this cost?

Text ads are always free. We charge a small amount for photo ads. Please review our pricing here.

I am just looking at Horses and not selling. Do I need to Register?

No, only sellers need to register with us for the purpose of placing their ad.

How long does it take for my text ad to appear online?

Your text ad is immediately online for all viewers to see once you submit your ad.

How long does it take for my photo ad to appear online?

Once you pay online through our payment gateway, which is PayPal, your ad will be available once their system notifies ours, usually this is within just a few minutes, if there is a delay due to network traffic, then it will be once that has resolved. NOTE: Photo or Stallion at Stud Ads submitted where you send us a photo(s) through email to size and upload for you may take up to 24 hours to go live.

When does my 90 days begin?

Once you submit your ad.

Do you show my email address on my ad?

We do not show your email address on your ad. Interested parties must use the contact seller form to contact you.

Does my phone number appear on the ads?

No, for your protection your phone number does not appear on the ad. If you want people to contact you by telephone simply add your phone number in the comments section of the ad.

I need to EDIT or DELETE my ad. How do I do this?

Please use the Ad Management area. There you will find everything you need to edit or delete one or all of your ads with us.

Can I place a Horse Wanted Ad?

Yes, sign up in our Place an Ad section, then use the Place a Wanted ad. These are text only ads, so they are free!

How do I prep my pictures?

Thumbnails should be 100 by 75 pixels, they will be displayed at this size, so please ensure your size or crop them to this size. Thumbnail file sizes range from 5KB-15KB. We prefer large photos be 300 pixels wide, however, we understand sometimes you may need a bit more room, our maximum acceptable size is 360 pixels wide. Please ensure your size or crop them to this size. We will reject photos that are larger than this. Additionally, our system will not take file sizes larger 75KB. If you need help adjusting your images, please let us know by emailing us at and we will help you with your photos.

Where do I e-mail my photo?

If using the Instant Online Photo Ad system, you will upload them right on the page for immediate viewing once your payment has been received in our system. If you choose the Add the Photos for My Ad choice, it is not an instant photo ad and you will fill out all information for the ad except for photos, make payment then get your horse id number to email your photos to us at when returning from payment at PayPal, we will size/check them and then add them to your ad and put your ad live within 24 hours.

My horse is sold. Can you please remove it?

You have full control of your ad from the ad management area. If you delete all your horses, your account will remain on our system for future use. If your horse is selling or sold, we ask that you indicate the sales status or sold status from the Ad Management area. This allows others can see that National Horse Sales really works! The system will not display ads past the ad expiration date.

My email address has changed. How do I update it?

Just login to the Ad Management area and you may update your profile including your email, phone, etc.

How much should I ask for my horse?

We do not set prices for horses. All ads are by private parties or horse ranchers/dealers as indicated in the ad. We cannot and will not ever suggest pricing, evaluate a horse, set pricing or appraise a horse. If you do not know how to price your horse, please consult your local horse club for specific help with this.

How do you protect my privacy?

All visitors, users and advertisers of our site should become familiar with our Privacy Policy which explains our policies on how we protect your privacy.

What are your Terms of Use?

All visitors, users and advertisers of our site should become familiar with our Terms Of Use which explains our terms of use and the user agreement in association with our operation of this site and your use of this site.

My question isn't covered here. Who do I contact with questions?

Your questions and comments are important to us! Because your feedback about our site is what will drive how we customize and expand this site for you. Please let us know what you think using the appropriate avenue on our Contact Page.

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